Department of Social Development Leaders

Ms. Nokuzola Tolashe
Minister for Social Development
Mr. Ganief Hendriecks
Deputy Minister for Social Development
Acting Director General


To help Early Childhood Development (ECD) services recover from the loss of income brought on by COVID-19, relief funding is being made available through the Presidential Employment Stimulus Package. All types of ECD services (Registered, Conditionally registered or unregistered), including centre and non-centre based services can apply for this relief funding. Non-centre based services include Play groups; Toy Libraries; Child Minders; and Mobile ECD programmes.

Furthermore, organisations that run, manage or oversee multiple centre and non-centre based ECD services, may apply for more than one ECD programme and more than one type of ECD programme. If the organisation does not directly employ the staff in the centre and non-centre based ECD service and provides an oversight and support role, then a written and signed agreement must have been in place prior to the 01 March 2020  with each programme applied for, which governs the relationship with that programme and sets out respective roles and responsibilities.

While this funding is aimed at subsidising the cost of employment for ECD services, for ECD services that are applying, applications for support can only be made by the operator of the ECD service and not individual staff members. In other words, ECD services will be making the application on behalf of their staff, with qualifying staff including ECD practitioners, administrators and all other types of ECD employees. ECD services can only use the funds to subsidise the cost of employment for staff presently employed within the ECD service.

Only one application per ECD service can be made, as multiple applications may result in delays in processing applications. For ECD services that are applying and who are not currently operational (ie. have not reopened owing to COVID-19), they will need to make a commitment to reopen within 60 days of receipts of funds. This is because part of the intention of this stimulus is to ensure the continuation of services in the ECD sector.

In addition, in order to be eligible for this relief fund, every ECD service must identify one employee who will be appointed as the COVID-19 compliance support officer at the ECD service (this must be one employee from the current employees that you have listed in this application (not a new appointment and the work that this employee must do as the compliance officer can be added to their current duties).


The value of the relief will be a maximum of R4 470 per staff member, made as a once off payment. There will be a limit of up to four staff members for ECD centres and up to one staff member for non-centre based ECD services that will be eligible for support. ECD services can only use the funds to subsidise the cost of employment for workers present at the ECD service. In the case of an ECD centre with more than four staff, the full allocation must be used to subsidize the wages of the full staffing contingent.


If the number of applications exceed the amount of funding that is available, funding will be prioritised based on the following criteria:

  • Registered (funded and unfunded) ECD services in poor wards as defined by the multiple poverty index.
  • Unregistered ECD services on Vangasali database in poor wards as defined by the multiple poverty index.
  • Registered funded and unfunded ECD services not operating in poor wards as defined by the multiple poverty index.
  • Unregistered not on Vangasali database and not operating in poor wards as defined by the Multiple Poverty Index

Before making an application, please ensure that you have the following:

  • Banking details: All ECD services making an application will need to have a bank account in the name of the ECD service. If the ECD service does not currently have such an account, they will need to open one before making an application.
  • Loaded on the Central Supplier Database (CSD): If the applying ECD services are not currently receiving any funding from any Provincial Department of Social Development or are not registered on the Central Supplier Database, they will need to complete the Central Supplier database registration because a CSD registration number is required on the application form. Please follow the link to register. Once ECD services complete this CSD registration, they will be provided with a CSD registration number that they will need when submitting their application for support.


Organisations that operate multiple ECD centres and or non-centre based ECD services can make 1 application on behalf of the ECD services that they manage. For organisations that are applying for more than one centre or non-centre based programme, the accountability for ensuring that the ECD service re-opens within 60 days of receiving the funds rests with the organisation. The organisation is the contracting authority and remain responsible for ensuring application information is correct and compliance requirements are met. As part of the application process, organisations of this nature (Which does not include ECD Forums) will need to submit a signed ENDORSEMENT LETTER from the Inter-Sectoral Forum (ISF). These organisations are to download this form and make contact with ISF to get it signed. The ISF is contactable on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any other questions, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you need any further assistance, you can contact the call centre on 0800089666.