To reduce poverty through integrated sustainable development and the rebuilding of families and communities through empowering young, old and the disabled people as well as women. 


1.        Co-ordinate and facilitate the delivery of integrated and sustainable development programmes that will promote the achievement of holistic community development through partnership with relevant stakeholders and civil society.

2.        Prevent the spread of HIV, reduce the progression of those who are positive to full blown AIDS through appropriate interventions, as well as support those who are on ARV treatment through strategies that will mitigate the social impact of the epidemic.

3.        Create and provide social protection to the most vulnerable of society through the delivery of Social Welfare Services, delivered via Provincial Government and NPO structures  

4.        Develop and implement the required policies, legislation and programmes in order to protect the rights of children to care and protection.

5.        Ensure that the required policies, legislation and programmes are established in order to promote and support family life, to provide services to victims of crime and perpetrators. 

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