The Department of Social Development (DSD) wishes to give an accurate account of and set the record straight on the status of the GBVCC.


Firstly, it is factually incorrect and misleading to state that the GBVCC has “completely collapsed”. It is indeed operating and functional, albeit some technical challenges which the  is typical of operations of this nature, and to which the department has been engaging with the relevant government departments and the service provider. 


Amongst some of the interventions being implemented, the department, as an interim measure, migrated the GBVCC from Salvokop to the Human Sciences Research Council building, where the National DSD is housed. The centre is processing calls that come from either the victims or those reporting known cases of abuse, and Social Service Professions are directing these calls to the relevant bodies for intervention in line with established protocols. 


Secondly, the Department refutes allegations that social workers were dismissed from the Command Centre or were deliberately reduced, as being factually untrue. The Command Centre originally employed fifty-six social work professionals and six officials providing technical support, that were distributed into four shifts. The current count of officials is forty-eight, due to natural attrition, resignations, and retirements, and not as a result of any deliberate action by the Department. In fact, the Department had actually doubled its capacity when migrating to Salvokop. 


Furthermore, the department strongly rejects any claims that it pays the service provide R45 million per month for this contract. This assertion is once again entirely false and baseless. 


Finally, it is important to state that the department has diligently followed the due process as prescribed by the Public Financial Management Act and the National Treasury Regulations, in appointing the service provider. It is equally important to underline that the Minister of Social Development has never interfered with or sought to interfere in any procurement related matter of the department. These are internal and administrative processes which the Executive Authority never gets involved in. The department thus vehemently dismisses any baseless insinuations made with Machiavellian intent, that the Minister is somehow linked to the service provider or influenced any process in the awarding of same contract. 


The Department wishes to assure South Africans that the GBVCC remains operational and continues to provide the intended service to all who require it. 




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