Adoption is the placement of a child in the permanent care of a person who is not their biological parent or permanent guardian. Adoption provides a permanent or stable family life for children who would otherwise be deprived of one. 

Inter country adoption is when a child is adopted by a person or persons from another country.

Prescriptions regarding the overall adoption service apply to the Children’s Court, adoption agencies and adoptive parents. Prescriptions regarding the inter-country adoption service apply to local and foreign clients who make enquiries, accredited adoption agencies and central authorities of other countries


Any child in need of care up to the age of 18


  •  Complete a form at your nearest Social Development office or Children’s Court.

  • Your application will be assessed to determine your suitability as an adoptive parent. 

  • If your application is successful, the Commissioner of Welfare will issue an adoption order.

  • After the Commissioner has issued the adoption order, documents are sent to the Registrar of Adoptions for registration.

  • The Registrar of Adoptions will subsequently issue a certified copy of Adoption.






Enquiries must be directed to the Registrar of Adoptions, and must include the following:

  • adopted or birth name of the adoptee

  • identity number or date of birth of the adoptee

  • names of adoptive parents or biological parents

  • full contact details of the enquirer













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