Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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Child Protection Services Print E-mail

Child Protection Services  refers to the protection of a child up to the age of 18 in need of care 



Any child who –


  • is under 18 years old;

  • has no parent, e.g. children orphaned by HIV/AIDS;

  • has a parent or guardian who cannot be traced;

  • has been abandoned or is without means of support;

  • displays behaviour that cannot be controlled by his or her parents or by the person in whose custody he or she is;

  • lives in circumstances likely to cause or to be conducive to his or her seduction, abduction or sexual exploitation;

  • lives in or is exposed to circumstances that may seriously harm the physical, mental or social well-being of the child;

  • is in a state of physical or mental neglect;

  • has been physically, emotionally or sexually abused or ill-treated by his or her parents, guardian or the person in whose custody he or she is or being maintained; or

  • is suffering from a nutritional deficiency.



  • Report suspicions of child neglect or abuse to the Social Worker, Community Worker or at your nearest social development  office.


  • If you are a dentist, medical practitioner, nurse, social worker, teacher or any other person employed at or managing a children’s home, place of care or shelter and it is your duty to examine, attend to or deal with any child in circumstances that cause you to suspect that such child has been ill-treated or is suffering from any injury (single or multiple, the cause of which might have been deliberate) or from a nutritional deficiency disease, you must immediately notify the Director-General or any designated officer of the Department of Social Development.

  • A Social Worker will assess each case and suggest what is best for the child


All provinces - Click Here for Provincial Contacts.