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Wednesday, 26 June 2019
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The primary function of the cda is to monitor the implementation of the ndmp. The cda ensures coordination, facilitates integration of the work of different departments and reports to parliament through the minister for social development. The cda also liaises with the provincial forums and the local drug action committees.

overseeing and monitoring the implementation of the ndmp

facilitating the coordination of a limited number of strategic projects

facilitating the rationalisation of existing resources and monitoring their effective use

encouraging government departments and the private sector to draw up plans to address drug abuse in line with the goals of the ndmp

introducing performance indicators whereby the effectiveness and progress of action plans can be monitored and evaluated at all levels

facilitating the initiation and promotion of measures, including legislation, to combat the supply of and reduce the demand for drugs

reviewing and commenting on psychoactive substance-related policies and programmes developed locally and internationally

establishing and maintaining information systems to support the implementation, evaluation and ongoing development of the ndmp

submitting an annual report to parliament that describes the national effort in solving the drug problem

ensuring the development of effective drug education strategies

liaising with the justice, crime prevention and security cluster (jcps) ministers' Committee where necessary

advising the government on policies and programmes on drug abuse and trafficking

reviewing the ndmp on a five-yearly basis and introducing changes where necessary

organising a biannual summit on substance abuse to enable role players involved in combating substance abuse to share information


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