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Monday, 24 June 2019
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Local drug action committees (LDACs) are closest to the people as they are part of local government. 


 An LDAC is made up of bodies/people from all sectors involved in substance abuse and related problems in a municipality such as justice, police, probation and correctional services, and school, health, social development and community structure officials. Local government drives the LDACs in terms of establishment and functioning.

The local government official responsible for the LDAC liaises with the provincial coordinator of the Department of Social Development, and the LDAC co-opts additional members with special skills, commitment or expertise when required. Representation of local and rural traditional authorities is encouraged. LDACs include members of local municipalities geographical boundaries should be flexible for practical purposes.

LDACs also elect a chairperson and other office bearers. Resources required for the LDAC infrastructure are minimal as the existing resources of the representative departments can be accessed. Meetings can be conducted after hours, if necessary, in unused court buildings, Department of Social Development boardrooms and other free venues in municipal areas. The work of LDACs is driven intersectorally by the coordinators of substance abuse action at provincial departments of social development and linked to the work of provincial substance abuse forums. 


Local authorities develop and maintain integrated drug policies in collaboration with all stakeholders in order to prevent drug-related crime and ensure quality of life for residents at the community level. The LDACs ensure that local action is taken in terms of the NDMP in each community.

Each LDAC is charged with the following functions. 

Drawing up its own action plan to tackle the drug problem in its area of jurisdiction in collaboration with provincial departments;

Ensuring that its drug control action plan fits into the local integrated development plan (IDP);

Ensuring that its action plan is in line with the priorities and objectives of the NDMP and the strategies of government departments;Implementing its action plan (mini-drug master plan);

Reporting regularly to its secretariat on its actions, progress and problems, and on drug-related events in its area;

Providing any information the CDA may require from time to time through the provincial substance abuse forums;

Providing, through the provincial substance abuse forums, annual reports to the CDA. 


 The particular local government and the departments designated by the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act should as far as possible contribute towards the financial, human and material resources of the LDAC.


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