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Monday, 24 June 2019
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Provision has been made for a substance abuse forum for each of the nine provinces in South Africa. 


Provincial substance abuse forums should involve all stakeholders in the fields of education, community action, legislation, law enforcement, policymaking, research and treatment. The business community and any other body interested in tackling substance abuse should also be involved. 

Such forums should establish an executive committee and assign the following four portfolios to particular members.

Treatment and after-care

Prevention and education

Community development

Research and information dissemination 


The main function of the provincial forums is to support member organisations in carrying out their substance abuse programmes and to keep substance abuse issues high on the public/political agenda of the province. These forums should also encourage networking and the effective flow of information between forum members. When necessary, a provincial forum should act as a mouthpiece for member organisations. Each provincial forum sends a representative to act as ex officio member of the CDA at CDA meetings. Provincial forums also assist local drug action committees in the execution of their tasks. 


The Department of Social Development contributes to the human and material resources of the provincial forums insofar as such resources are available. Although the department also provides technical assistance to these forums, the forums have to develop integrated plans for the management of substances of abuse in their provinces. The plans should eflect the different roles of departments and the resources allocated to their respective activities.   

Successful implementation of a national drug control strategy requires adequate, sustained and budgeted funding at all levels from collaborating departments. Spending on demand and supply reduction should be well balanced, and increased collaboration between government, private and voluntary sectors is required as the fragmented response in the past and the consequent duplication of effort has been financially wasteful. Where common goals exist, resources should be shared.


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